The Minder Hydro packages contain everything you need to get started on your first grow, or to take an experienced grower to the next level

Easily integrated into any system, or build something around it and have the device monitor and power it all

The Minder.Hydro is completely adaptive to any environment and can be upgraded with ease

Minder Hydro Computer Controlled Grow System

Software Included

Internal Sensors – Case Temperature & Humidity | Weather feed Temperature & Humidity

Available in Black or Silver


On 2 metres of cable (6ft)

Growspace Temperature & Humidity | Air Source Temperature & Humidity | Light | Moisture | Distance | Water Temperature

minder hydro silver Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Moisture Sensor   Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
universal plug    control monitor computer automate
Universal Power Cord
DC Jacks control monitor computer automate
4 x DC Screw Terminals

Adapt your existing 12v devices to fit the unit

Status Lights Led      control monitor computer automate
Status Lights

Use these to test your power & ports

HDMI cable Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
HDMI Cable

Connect to your monitor for setup

Depending on your setup, you may require:

Wifi Switch Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Wifi adapter

Use these to adapt your existing mains powered devices allowing you to control them

male to male dc converter Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Male / Female Extentions

Extend your existing 12 volt device so they can be power by the Minder Hydro

DC Jacks control monitor computer automate
DC Screw Terminal

Use these to adapt your existing 12 volt devices that may have bare wires or the wrong connection

These are available in the extra’s category

To help you decide what you need, we’ve created a basic grow room set up below, using various voltage devices

tent with plant scenario Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

This growspace uses

3 x Mains Power devices

2 x 12 volt devices

1 X 24 volt humidifier

You would need the base model + 3 x Wifi Switches to run this environment

Many grow room setups are much more complex than shown above, the Minder Hydro will easily adapt to what ever you have

With the Minder Hydro, you are always ready to add the next element to your grow space

Based on the scenerio above, without Minder Hydro you would need the following devices

3 X Temperature controllers

1 X Light Timer

1 X Humidity Controller

1 X Cycle Timer

Basic Tent Setup    Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
Alternate device   Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
tent with plant     Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Independent devices are not aware of each other and sometimes work in competition causing a run away effect

If you had a sudden hot day and your growspace started to warm up,the exhaust fan would turn on venting hot air in.

The AC would then turn on and run all day trying to cool the heated air being vented in. In the mean time the humidifier has been running all day and is now running dry damaging itself. Then the light turns on and everything gets baked. This scenario would never happen with the Minder Hydro

With the Minder Hydro you can do away with multiple controllers for different devices

Your devices can now work in unity to acheive the perfect grow space environment

Consolidate it all

Basic Tent Setup    Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
minder hydro silver Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
tent with plant     Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

The suite of sensors allows you to monitor every element of your grow

Minder Hydro takes away all those stressful moments

With the most advanced growing system, get a massive yield everytime and make your growspace enjoyable again

Inside Temp control monitor computer automate

Growspace Temperature and Humidity

water level sensor control monitor computer automate

Water Level

Moisture Sensor control monitor computer automate

Moisture Level

Weather Sensor control monitor computer automate


water temp control monitor computer automate

Water Temperature

Outside Temp control monitor computer automate

Outside Temperature and Humidity

Graphs chart Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


save    control monitor computer automate


smart ai control monitor computer automate

Smart AI

adapt  control monitor computer automate


Cycle Day Count Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Grow Count

Maintenance Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Maintenance Mode

Logic Override Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Logic Overrides

Dashboard Hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


Minder Hydro Monitor Control All Smart     Grow     Sensor Control






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