Code Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Minder Hydro has a test mode that you can use for testing Sensors and Devices

To enter test mode you need to log into the console of the Minder Hydro, using a Monitor, keyboard and mouse.

For assistance see the ‘Plug in and initial boot‘ guide

Sensor Control Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Raw sensor feed
Power and Relays   Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Direct Power Relay control
Wireless Switches Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
WiFi mains power control
Sensor Control Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

The First Screen of the test UI is the sensor page, but you can swap between screen using the menu in the top left corner.


This panel shows the feed from the Growspace sensor that connects to the Top Left Port

The Water dial is for the waterproof sensor connected into the Top Right Port

grow chart Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


This panel shows the feed from the Air Source sensor,

connected to the middle port on the top row sensor plate on the minder.hydro
source bar Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
System Add info about sensors
case temp Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Additional Here you will find the distance, light and moisture sensor.
additional Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Read Speed

The system takes a reading every 5 seconds by default, but can be speed up to 1 second

Back in the main system there is also a speed up reading option, useful when refilling your reservoir as 5 second read intervals might be too far apart to get the level precise

The read speed panel allow you to control the sensor read speed and see a raw feed of the data stream

Read Speed Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Raw Feed

The raw feed panel shows you the raw data feed from the sensor chip, the order of the feed is below but can start and end at different parts of the feed.

Read Speed Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Growspace Temperature Growspace Humidity Source Temperature Source Humidity Case Temperature Case Humidity Water Temperature Distance Light Level Moisture Level Delay Speed in milliseconds
Power and Relays
Power and Relays   Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Power and Relays dashboard allows you to directly control all your devices free from AI control

Power Hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Main Power switch allows you to turn off the power for the whole device.

When turned off there will be no power flow to any of the DC jacks, onboard circuits or external sensors.

The only thing that will stay powered is the onboard computer that you are connected to.

Below is an switch labeled ‘Main Power is On’, this is independently verified from the power supply’s status feed, so if main power is on and this indicator is off, then you have a power supply problem.

Try disconnecting all devices and toggling the on/off again to see if power restores, if not please contact technical support

main power interface Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The switch labeled ‘Shut down button is Pressed’ is an indicator connected to the power button on the front of the Minder device.

Typically if the button is held in for a few seconds the system shuts down, but in test mode it only toggles the switch and can be used to test the button.

wifi shutdown Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The ‘All on/off’ button simply turns on or off all the relays

wifi on Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Reboot and Shutdown buttons allow you to restart or turn off your system, there is no warning, if you press the shutdown the device will shut down immediately

wifi reboot Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Minder Hydro lets you control sixteen relays connected to DC Ports on the rear of the device.

All Ports are 12 Volt but port 16 is 24 Volt and is used for a 24V humidifier

You can connect your included status lights into the ports and flick each switch to test there is power flow.

Status Lights Led      control monitor computer automate
relay switch Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
relay control Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Wireless Switches
Wireless Switches Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

Manually control your mains power wireless switches

The Minder Hydro can control mains power via wireless switches

Use the drop down to choose a channel and press the On or Off for your device.

There is only one way communication that goes from the Minder Hydro to the wireless switch, the onboard computer does not receive any information back from the wireless switch so does not know its state. In the live system status updates are regularly sent to ensure that the WiFi switch is in the correct state.

device channel Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The ‘Device Erase / All Off’ button send a unique code that does two things

It turns off all the devices on that channel and resets a wireless switch that is in programming mode back to blank, allowing it to be reprogrammed to another device

device erase Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

To program a wireless device, plug it in and while the light is flashing you can press the erase button to clear its programming and “on” button to set it as that device.

Steps are

  • Be in Test Mode
  • Plug wireless switch into power plug (Switch’s light should be flashing)
  • Press ‘Device Erase / All Off’  (Switch’s Light should start flashing faster then turn off)
  • Pull Plug out and put back in
  • Press ‘Air Heater On’ (Switch should make a click noise and change from a flashing light to a solid light)
  • You should now be able to turn it on and off with the Air Heater On/Off buttons

Please note: You may need to press the buttons more then once, local interference can disrupt the wireless communication, keep pressing the button until you get a result

It’s important to erase a device before reprogramming it as it can be programed to be more than one thing at a time. So if its programed to be the AC and you program it to be the heater it will respond to both signals






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