Setting up your unit involves the following steps

Power Hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


Connecting your Hydro Unit

WIFI control monitor computer automate


Connect unit to your network

Sensors control monitor computer automate


Connect Sensors and Testing
device Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Device Connection

Connect Devices and Testing
It is recommended that you initially setup your device in an open space that is easy to work on, such as a kitchen table or office desk. Once the device is networked and you have confirmed that all sensors and devices work you can move it to your Grow Environment

Getting Started

As a one off you will need to boot your system and join your home WiFi enabling you to connect to it from any smart device

To get started you need a Screen, USB Keyboard and Mouse, they wont stay connected once the device is networked

Power Hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The first steps include plugging in your Minder Hydro, connecting it to your wifi, and setting a static address.

WIFI control monitor computer automate
Plug in and initial boot

Connect your Minder Hydro to you computer monitor or TV using the provided HDMI cable

HDMI port Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

Connect your USB Keyboard and Mouse into the USB ports in the Rear of the device

USB port  Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

Then connect up the power and flick the on switch to bring your Minder to Life

Power Plugin Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Wait for the bootup to complete and you will be greeted with the Desktop

minder growbox Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Connect to Network

At the heart of the Minder Hydro is a micro computer that needs to be added to your home network via its WiFi connection, allowing you to connect to it from any smart device

In the Top Right Corner there is a wireless icon, click on this icon and locate your home WiFi

Connect Wifi Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Select your WiFi and enter the password, once connected you should see a Green tick next to your home WiFi like this….

Select Wifi Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

At this point you are now connected and can start accessing the device remotely.

To know your devices address move the mouse over the WiFi connection again and it will display its current address

Wlan Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

You can open your Web Browser on either your Computer or smart device and enter the address that you see here on your system

In this example the address is so would enter into the browser

Webbrowser Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

Then log in with the Username and Password below to see the Minder Dashboard

Username:    minder

Password:    Minder1

Set Static Address

You currently have an dynamic address assigned to you by your home router.

A dynamic address can be changed any time by your router meaning you could lose contact with your device

It is highly recommended that you assign a fixed IP address using the instruction below

First lets look up your address again, move the mouse over the WiFi connection and it will display its current address, take note of it including the /24 on the end, if yours says /16 or something else record that

Wlan 24 Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

Right click on the WiFi Icon and left click on the First Option

Static Address Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

When the dialogue box opens select wlan0 from the drop down

Network Preferences A Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Here is where you can assign a fixed IP address.

Most home WiFi setups use similar ranges such as,, or

Is this example our address is so would recommend using an address higher up such as, the only numbers that change are the ones after the last full stop, other examples are and

You will also need to add the /24 to the end of you address, so will look like this

Note: If your address above ends with a different mask such as /16 then enter that instead of /24

Network Preferences B Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Then press Apply and Close, you will need to reboot for the new address to take effect

You can reboot by Pressing the Minder Logo in the Top left corner and selecting Shutdown, then Reboot

Reboot Minder Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

After it has rebooted you can then open your Web Browser and enter the address you configured above, eg

Web browser Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Then log in with the Username and Password below to see the Minder Dashboard

Username:    minder

Password:    Minder1

Your network setup is now complete

Powering Down

The Minder Hydro can be powered down in two ways, via the Web Interface or with the button on the front

The quickest way is to simply hold down the power button on the front of the case for 3 seconds. The system will make a click noise and the button light will turn off. Please allow at least 30 more seconds for the computer to fully shut down before pulling the power cord out.

The other way is via the web interface, under System, you will see reboot and shutdown buttons. Enable the safety and press your choice, there will be no further prompts, the system will go offline immediately

Be warned if you you shut it down remotely you will lose access, it is highly recommended that you reboot your device only when you are in the same room as it. That way if there is a problem you will be there to unplug and replug it

The on board computer runs on very little power so if you are trying to hard reset it by pulling the plug out, allow at least 1 minute for all the power to drain before plugging it back in

Reboot  Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Sensors control monitor computer automate

The Hydro Hydro has 6 external sensors that need to be connected to the rear of the unit

Plug sensors into Unit
Sensor plate Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Each connector is labeled for what sensor it connects to, match the sensor with their port.

Sensor Moisture Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Remove all the sensors from their packets and connect them into the rear of the Device

Each sensor port is specifically programmed for the intended sensor. Ensure you plug the right sensor into the right port
Sensor Plug Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The connector has a thick and thin pole on the outside of the ring

The thicker end is the top

Ensure you place the thicker end of the connector to the top, and push into place.

Once you have pushed the connector in place, the metal ridge should be to the left

Turn it CLOCKWISE to lock it into place.

You will know it is locked correctly when the metal clip is centre with the top.

sensor step 3 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
sensor step 2 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Sensor step Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Ensure that the plugs have been properly twisted and locked into place.

It should glide in easily, if not it may be upside down

To remove slide the metal clip towards you and turn anti clockwise

Data Flow

Once the sensors are connected you should see data flow in to the Dashboard

Data Flow Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Check that all above readouts are showing data, if in this example the light sensor is showing 0% then move it into and out of the light to ensure you are getting a reading.

If all Sensors are working then you are ready to go, shut down your device and move it into your Grow Environment.

If you would like to do further testing or want to get to know your device better then see the testing sensors tab below.

Testing Sensors

Get to know your external sensors

Now is a good time to get to know your sensors and ensure they are all working correctly

You can also calibrate some settings now before installing, once installed they are harder to access and test

Inside Temp control monitor computer automate

Testing air source sensors

Growspace Temperature & Humidity / Outside Temperature & Humidity

Either blow on the sensors or hold them in your fist to see the dials go up and down.

Outside Temp control monitor computer automate
water level sensor control monitor computer automate

Testing distance sensor

Water Level Sensor

Use a tape measure or ruler and point it at the wall to check the distance matches the sensor readings. You can see the raw distance reading in the water dashboard

LIGHT LEVELS control monitor computer automate

Testing Light sensor

Hold the light sensor in your fist, then point it at the light or out the window to see if the readings are changing

Moisture levels control monitor computer automate

Testing Moisture sensor

Put a wet sponge or rag onto the sensor and read the differences from dry to wet.

These can later be calibrated when back in the main system.

water temp control monitor computer automate

Testing Water Temperature sensor

Hold the silver sensor tip in your fist and watch the dial, then release it and check to see that it cools
Weather Sensor control monitor computer automate

Weather Sensor

The Minder Hydro can track local weather in your area and can even be used in place of the Air Source Sensor

In order to be able to use this feature you are going to need to sign up to Open Weather Map

Here you can create a free account and obtain an API key

Once you create your account go to your Menu and look for API Keys.

weather services Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Locate your API key and then left click and drag your mouse over it to highlight it, then press CTRL C or right click and select copy.

Weather Key Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Now that you have your key saved to the clipboard return to the Minder Hydro control panel and paste the key into the API key field

You can now either your Suburb and Country or the more accurate way of using your GPS.

You can look up your GPS from many GPS sites, we recommend here

If unsure about using your home GPS try the GPS of the local Post Office

Is this example I am using the Melbourne GPO post office

weather map location Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
weather latitude Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Now that you have the Key and GPS locations entered press the ‘Update Weather / Test Settings’ button

weather test Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

If all the settings are correct you will see the connection status change to connected and will see some detailed information about the weather in your area.

Also the ‘Enable Weather Feed’ switch will automatically turn on if the connection is successful.

weather output Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

If you are successfully connected you can use this data as your Air Source by selecting the ‘Weather Feed is Air Source Switch’.

Enabling this option will tell the AI to ignore the Air Source/Outside sensor and use the temperature and humidity from the weather feed instead.

This is handy if your Growspace is too far away for your sensor to reach outside, if you have this option enabled you can remove the air source temperature and humidity sensor, as it is no longer used.

The weather will be checked every 5 minutes.

weather air source Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
case monitoring control monitor computer automate

Case sensors

The case sensor is already connected and can be checked in the System Dashboard

For more extensive testing of the sensors please see the test mode guide
device Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

There are two types of devices you can control through the Minder Hydro 12 volt and 240 volt mains, they are connected in different ways

Below outlines how to connect either type of device, and where to go to test and fine tune it all

It's recommended you plug in and test each device one at a time, until you familiar with the process.
mains Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Mains Power

Chose your device power type then test your devices

12V into Minder Hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

12 Volt

12 Volt

Devices are powered through the DC jacks on the rear of the Minder Hydro

Each Jack is numerically labelled and programmed for a specific device

Your device will need to have a male DC jack to be able to connect, please see more info about this in the powering page

12 volt connection size view Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

All ports are 12 Volt except for port 16 which is 24 Volt, and is intended for the humidifier

The Minder Hydro comes with red and blue LED  lights intended to be used as status lights

These are also handy for testing your DC jacks, use them in place of your devices by putting them into different ports for testing

Status Lights Led      control monitor computer automate

Each port on the rear of the minder is assigned to a device so ensure that you connect the right device to the right port

Port 8 is the water pump port and is also connected to the dial on the rear of the Minder Hydro.

You will need to turn the dial up to see your device work, and turning it all the way to one side with turn it off

12 volt connection explained Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

The power can be turned on and off in the ‘System’ dashboard.

In the ‘Power’ panel there is a 12V toggle option. When the power is off only the on board computer will continue to run, the sensor chip and all the devices will be down

The power supply has safeties built into it and will turn off if it detects a power problem

The ‘12V Power status’ indicator is independently verified from the power supply’s status signal

If power should be on but is not try disconnecting all devices and trying again

Power Down Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Mains Power
You can access the Mains power control via the WiFi Switches dashboard
Wifi Switches Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

WiFi switches can be re-programmed to operate different devices as needed

mains to minder hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

There is only one way communication that goes from the Minder Hydro to the wireless switch, the onboard computer does not receive any information back from the wireless switch so does not know its state

Regular status updates are sent to ensure that the WiFi switch is in the correct state

Before programming turn all devices back to 12V to prevent the system from accidentally sending out signals that might reprogram your device

When a WiFi switch is plugged in to a mains socket it enters a programming state, indicated by a flashing red light. It will do this even if is already programmed

If a transmission is sent while the device is in programming mode the device will be programmed to answer to that signal, you may end up with a switch that is both a heater and an AC

If you let the red light finish blinking it will then default back to its last programming

Flipping the switch ‘Enable Device Programming’, will allow you to start making changes, and a counter will start to when it resumes normal function.

wifi device program Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Use the drop down to choose a channel, if there are two Minder Hydro units in the room make sure they are on different channels

wifi channel Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Plug wireless switch into power plug (Switch’s light should be flashing) Press ‘Set as Humidifier’ (Switch should make a click noise and change from a flashing light to a solid light The WiFi Switch is now reprogrammed to be the Humidifier
Please note: You may need to press the buttons more then once, local interference can disrupt the wireless communication, keep pressing the button until you get a result

To reprogram a wireless device, plug it in and while the light is flashing you can press the ‘Erase Device Programming’ button to clear its programming and one of the set buttons to set it as that device

It’s important to erase a device before reprogramming it as it can be programed to be more than one thing at a time.

So if its programed to be the AC and you program it to be the heater it will respond to both signals

The ‘Erase Device Programming’ button sends a unique code that does two things It both turns off all the devices on that channel and it resets a wireless switch that is in a programming state back to blank, allowing it to be reprogrammed to another device

wifi device erase Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Once you have erased your switch, please follow the programming a wifi switch steps above

Please note: You may need to press the buttons more then once, local interference can disrupt the wireless communication, keep pressing the button until you get a result
You can select what devices will be powered by the Minder Hydro and what will be powered by mains using the WiFi drop down menus Once a device is changed to WiFi the Minder Hydro will start sending wireless signals
wifi set Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Testing Devices

Please be aware the AI is running in the background and may be turning devices on and off interfering with your testing.

You may expect a device to be off but it will remain on due to the AI thinking its heating the room

For more rigorous testing please visit the ‘Test Mode’ guide to learn how to take direct control of the internal relays free from any AI control.

You can test your devices by plugging them into their assigned port then using ‘Device Control’ force the devices on and off.

Device Force On         Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

To force the lights and cycle timer on navigate to the timer settings and you will find options to force these devices on.

Force Light Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
For more extensive testing of the sensors please see the test mode guide

Now that you've got your basic setup, you can get a little more in depth here

Dashboard Guide

Get to know more about how things work

 Console Level Guide

Use for further testing, password resetting and other low level tasks






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