The Minder Hydro comes with a suite of sensors

Monitor 13 variables and use that data to power the AI and plan your Grow space

Use the Graph data to check each element and fine tune your devices

Always know whats happened and what has happened so there are no more bad surprises.

Inside Temp control monitor computer automate

Temperature & Humidity Grow Space

Monitor your Grow space temperature and humidity

One of the biggest factors in any Grow environment is the temperature and humidity

The Minder Hydro monitors both in real time and graphs the data allowing you to review it later

Based on these measurements the AI will control multiple devices to maintain optimal levels

Temp & Humidity GrowSpace Graph    Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Temp Humidity Grow Space control monitor computer automate
Temp Humidity Grow Space Settings control monitor computer automate
12 hours Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
24 Hours Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
7 Days   Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

Outside Temp control monitor computer automate

Outside Temperature & Humidity

Monitor the Air Source’s temperature and humidity   
Knowing your Air Source’s temperature is critical to the Minder Hydro's logic, based on this information it will know if it should use the Exhaust Fan or Air Conditioner Prevent runaway heating effect where the system is trying to cool your Grow space through venting but ends up venting in even hotter air Better understand the greater environment to better control your Grows space’s environment
Outside Temp Humidity control monitor computer automate


LIGHT LEVELS control monitor computer automate

Light Levels

Monitor the light level in your Grows space to ensure your plants are receiving the right amount of light

Keeping an eye on your light level is critical to your grow

Having the light level graphed will let you know if your light is turning on and off at the right times, helping you to diagnose equipment malfunction or bulb wear

Plants prefer to be in darkness at night to encourage their natural rhythm, find if there are light leaks by watching the data

Use light level triggers to turn your Time lapse on or off, or to optimize watering with the day night watering schedule

Water Heat control monitor computer automate


water temp control monitor computer automate

Water Temp

The Waterproof temperature sensor will monitor your water reservoir to ensure your roots are not too hot or cold

Water temperature is essential to know and control in a Hydro environment

Using this data the AI will control a water heater or chiller to maintain your optimum temperature


Water Heat control monitor computer automate


water level sensor control monitor computer automate

Water Level

Know your water levels using the water level sensor to ensure you never run dry

The ultrasonic water proof distance sensor measures your water level

Using this data the Minder.Hydro will tell you your percentage full

Optimize your water usage and reduce nutrient waste

Use the data to disable the water pump preventing device damage due to dry reservoir

Water Level control monitor computer automate


Moisture levels control monitor computer automate

Moisture Level

Monitor the moisture level to ensure your roots never dry out

Moisture Level   control monitor computer automate

Roots need an optimal level of water and oxygen to power growth

The stronger your roots, the faster and healthier your plants will grow

Create the perfect watering schedule by monitoring the moisture level and adjusting the cycle timer for optimal saturation

Monitor the graph data to see if you have any dry outs or over saturation

In tandem with the light sensor, you can set a day night watering schedule to keep conditions perfect


Weather Sensor control monitor computer automate

Weather Monitoring

Use the weather feed for your neighborhood to track the outside environment

You can enter either your Country/Suburb or GPS location to enable the weather feed

Use this data in place of the Air Source sensor to help your AI make decisions

Graph it to get a better idea of what is happening outside

Weather Graph  control monitor computer automate
Weather output control monitor computer automate
Weather longitude control monitor computer automate


case monitoring control monitor computer automate

Case Monitoring & Room Status

Keep your equipment safe by monitoring the case and room temperature / humidity

Keep an eye on your equipment to ensure its not overheating or freezing

Your Grow space might be a paradise but your equipment is in thermal overload

Keep an eye on that to ensure you don't have any unexpected outages

System Monitor control monitor computer automate


Each Minder Hydro kit includes these sensors

  Internal sensors
  • Case Temperature & Humidity
  • Weather feed Temperature & Humidity
Sensor plate Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Cabled external sensors
  • Growspace Temperature & Humidity
  • Air Source Temperature & Humidity
  • Water Temperature
  • Light
  • Moisture
  • Distance
Sensor Moisture Smart     Grow     Sensor Control






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