Minder Hydro easily adapts to your devices so you can utilise your existing equipment

Power your devices from the DC Power Jacks on the rear of Minder Hydro, or use the wireless switches to control mains power

The Minder Hydro will CONTROL both 12 volt and 240/120 Mains Power

The mains is controlled via wireless switches

The 12 Volt is supplied directly from the Minder System

12V appliances are either plugged or with bare wires

Use either the supplied DC cables or a DC screw terminal to adapt your device

Use the supplied DC screw terminals to add a plug to your device, allowing you to power it from the Minder Hydro

Discard your supplied adapter and use the DC extension cord to connect and power your device from the Minder Hydro

Plug your DC Device

in DC jackplate on unit

The Minder Hydro will control your 120/240v devices

Connect your device to the wireless switch allowing the AI to take control of it

You can connect wireless switches to your Exhaust Fan, Heater, AC, Lights, etc.. then take control wirelessly

Plug your mains Device

Into the WiFi switch

You can now control your device wirelessly


The Minder Hydro can run on either 120V or 240V mains power

Our initial release will support 240V mains + AU Plug only

Other regions, voltages and plugs will be available soon

EUROPE - 220v

A european version will be released soon.

Control your 220v + 12v devices, Minder Hydro powered by 220v main power.

US - 120v

A US version will be released soon.

Control your 120v + 12v devices, Minder Hydro powered by 120v main power.


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