Do Less, Gain more

Taking care of your plants can become a chore when there are too many elements to control

Turn your chores and pet hates into loves… and start enjoying your grow again

Dread the water change?

Panic when you see weather extremes coming?

Failing equipment?

Let the Minder Hydro take care of it for you


smart ai control monitor computer automate
The Minder Hydro makes decisions based on its environment to keep the conditions perfect for your plants If your air source is higher then your Grow space then it wont try to draw air from outside but instead use the Air Con Don't let your humidifier run if is just getting vented out, wait till the Exhaust Fan or AC has finished cooling the space, then turn on You can relax knowing that the AI is going to always make the best decision given the circumstances

Adaptable to any environment

adapt  control monitor computer automate

The Minder Hydro is designed to work in any Growing Environment

Doesn't matter what system you already have, you can now monitor or take control Starting from scratch? Build the perfect system with the Minder Hydro as the base This system will cater for any grow environment you want to build

Minder Hydro can be adapted into your existing environment.

Connect up your devices either into the ports on the rear of the device or via the wireless mains switches, take control of your grow space like a pro from day 1

It will work in all different setups including NFT, Aeroponic. Hydropoinc, click on a growspace below to find out how to do it

Ebb & Flow

Flood & Drain

DWC / Bubbleponics

Deep Water Culture



Nutrient Film Technique

Soil / Perlite

Drip Irrigation

Save Resources, Time & Money

save all control monitor computer automate

The Minder Hydro is specifically designed to save power and water, along with reducing the on/off cycles of your devices

Know how much water you are using, so you can reduce nutrient waste

Allow temperature variances so your devices are not turning on and off too frequently

Knowing everything that is going on is the best way to reduce waste

Hot Summers, Cold Winters… and everything in between

Monitor the outside temperature

The AI assess the outside environment and makes decisions on what devices should run

Never have a heat runaway again!

Weather Monitoring

Find out more about weather monitoring

Take your system offline quickly and easily

Put your system in maintenance mode with the touch of a button.

All systems cant run at all times, they need maintenance, make water changes easier by nominating devices to turn off when you need to do work.

Prevent pumps from running dry, or your heater trying to warm up the whole room.

Less room for error and removes all stress.

Happy plants start from healthy roots

Create pure white fuzzy roots that power massive growth

The Minder Hydro supports high pressure aeroponics, grow like NASA!

Using the on board sensors, timers and your growing skills you can hone in on the most optimal conditions for your roots to thrive.

Moisture Sensor

Water Pump

Repeat Cycle Timer

Water Temperature Sensor

Let Minder Hydro take control

The Minder Hydro is a computerized grow system with 14 sensors that is making the best decision based on its environment

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the AI is taking care of it for you

It will turn off your water pump if the water level is too low, turn off your light if the grow space is too hot, along with many other safeties, its hard to do wrong

Know that the best decision is being made at all times allowing you to forget about the day to day worries of your grow

Dashboard Guide

On board ai makes decisions based on its ENVIRONMENT

The Dashboard guide has a full list of all the AI features

Run it all from your palm

The Minder Hydro can be controlled from any web browser.

You can be anywhere in the world and check on your plants

Have piece of mind while away knowing that you can still see what’s happening

Health Check Hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


Graphs chart Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Keep up to date

Know what has been happening over the past few hours or days

The graph data makes it easy to see that things are on track or require some fine tuning, even prevent a disaster

Knowing the history is critical to becoming pro

Temperature, humidity, weather, light, moisture, all data is graphed so you can see the history of your grow

The Minder Hydro unit will change colour so you know at a glace how things are

Using the indicator lights on the front, or expand using LEDs connected to ports on the rear, you can know the health of your grow by what colour your device is glowing

Seeing red? Then use the Quick health check to lead you to the problem, saving you time and potentially preventing a disaster

Minder Dot Blue       Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Blue when everything is perfect

Minder Dot Purple   
Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Purple when things are a little off

Minder Dot red        Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Red when something is amiss, might be a good idea to check in

Fine tune it all

Knowing everything that is happening allows you to continually improve your technique till you have the system running at peak efficiency.

Prevent root drying or over saturation, over heating or cold shock, maintaining your plants in perfect conditions is now possible

Plants need different conditions at different times in their life cycle, alter conditions with the press of a button maximizing your grow and yield

Grow Cycle Day Counter

Cycle Day Count Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Keep track of what stage your grow is at with the Day counter

Set it to Grow or Flower and let the day count automatically tick up so you can never forget at what stage your grow is at


Feature Webcam Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
The Minder Hydro will work with just about any USB Webcam allowing you to view your plants real time, or in time lapse. The system will take a still image at the intervall you have defined and at the end of the grow day will convert them all to a video that you can download and view at your leisure.






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