Dashboard Hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Minder Hydro dashboard

The Minder Hydro dashboard is the main interface that allows you to control your device.

You can access the below sections using the menu in the top left of you Minder device interface.

For assistance on how to get to the dashboard, see our setup guide here

My Growspace Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Quick Health Check  and brief history of your Grow
Graphs Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Your history over the past 12 hours, 24 hours and 7 Days

Temperature and Humidity Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Set your desired temperatures and humidity
Water Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
View, control and monitor all of your water and moisture variables
Timers Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Light, Day and Cycle timer settings
Timelapse Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Real time view and time-lapse options
Device Control Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Force devices on or off and set your Maintenance Mode options
Wifi Switches Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
Control your mains power with wireless switches
Weather Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Setup your weather feed, to safeguard your air source
Weather Graph Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
See what the weather was like over the past few weeks
System Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Turn power on or off, monitor system status, reboot or shutdown
Sensor Ages Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Check raw data and database information.
My Growspace
Growroom Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
My Growspace Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The first page of your Minder Hydro interface contains all you need to know about the health and brief history of your Grow

Growspace Status

The first panel gives you a quick health status and the stage of your grow

Health Stauts Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

The second panel shows you the current Air Temperature / Humidity and Water temperature of your Grow Space

Growspace Status    Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

The third panel shows you the moisture, light level and water level

growspace2 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
The Air source panel shows you the temperature and humidity of your Air Source/Outside
Air Source Monitor control monitor computer automate
Device Status
The device status panel shows you the state of all your devices, green is on, red is off
Device Status Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
Graphs There are graphs that go back for 3 hours, to go back further check the graphs dashboard
Graphs Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Graphs chart Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The graphs page gives your history over the past 12 hours, 24 hours and 7 Days. These graphs can be reset in the systems page

12 hours Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
Temperature 12hr      Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
24 Hours Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
Temperature 24hr      Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
7 Days   Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
Temperature 7day      Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Temp & Humid
Outside Temp control monitor computer automate
Temperature and Humidity Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Temp and Humid page allows you to set your desired temperatures and humidities

Inside Temp control monitor computer automate
temperature banner graph Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
temp setting Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Grow space Max temp

You can set your maximum temperature so the AI knows when to turn on the Exhaust fan or AC

Grow space Min temp

You can set you minimum temperature here so the AI knows when to turn on the air heater

Min/Max temperature Variance
In this example the temperature is allowed to drift by 1C, so the exhaust fan will turn on at 25.5C and turn off at 24.5C
Max temperature variance buffer for AC
In this example the temperature is allowed to drift by 2C, so the AC will turn on at 26C and off at 24C These setting is designed to reduce the on/off cycles for your devices, see the verbose readouts for more info
Air Source Variance
This setting is used to ensure that your airsource is sufficiently cool enough to be vented in. If your Growspace is 25.1C and your air source is 25C, the AI would turn on the exhaust fan venting in air. However since the Air Source is only mildly cooler the exhaust fan could run all day without cooling the air. Having this set to 2 will ensure that the Exhaust fan will only turn on if the air source is 2C cooler then the growspace. If the fan runs all day you could dry our our growspace because the humidifier would not be able to keep up with all the air being vented out. It would then be up to your AC to do the cooling To disable this feature set this to 0


The humidity panel displays the current humidity and allows you to set your prefered level

The variance setting reduces on/off cycles on your device by alowing the level to drift above and below

See Verbose readout for greater detail

tephum2 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


The environment panel shows you the weather in your location, this needs to be set in the weather settings

For information on setting up the weather feed please see the setup guide

tephum3 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Logic Override Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Logic Overrides

This panel allow you to override some of the AI

tephum4 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Disable Exhaust fan if Air source is greater than Grow space
The AI will only turn the exhaust fan ON, if the air source is cooler than the grow space, this option disables that feature The airsource temperature is obtained via the Air Source sensor or Weather feed, depending on your settings Disabling this option will mean that if the Growspace reaches it max temp it will start the exhaust fan even if the air outside is warmer then the growspace This can be dangerous as you may have a heat runaway effect as hotter and hotter air is vented in
Disable Humidifier if Exhaust fan is on
Using these options can save a lot of water in your humidifier reserve The exhaust fan will vent out the moist air rapidly leaving your humidifier running more often With these options enabled your humidifiers water and power use will be dramatically reduced
Disable Humidifier if Air Con is on
Using these options can save a lot of water in your humidifier reserve The AC will vent out the moist air rapidly leaving your humidifier running more often With these options enabled your humidifiers water and power use will be dramatically reduced
Disable Exhaust Fan if AC is on
Under certain circumstances both the AC and Exhaust Fan can be on This may vent out the cooler air your AC outputs, putting strain on devices
Don't warn if over humid goal
This option controls your system health alerts and lights and it disables the warning for the humidity going over the preset amount So if you set you humidity goal to 60%, and it goes over that you will not see a red light or sad face in the health panel Usually during the grow stage over humidity is not such a problem, however in flower stage mold can form on the flowers so you may want to disable it then


The verbose screen assists you with understanding the settings and live updates when you make changes.

tephum5 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Water Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The water page allows you to view and monitor all of your water variables

Find out more about
water level sensor control monitor computer automate
Water heat control monitor computer automate
Moisture levels control monitor computer automate
Water Cool control monitor computer automate
water temp control monitor computer automate
PH DOSE control monitor computer automate
Water Temperature

Water Min/Max temperature

This sets the temperature limits you want your water to stay between

Min/Max temperature buffer

This setting will allow the temperature to go above and below the desired temperature reducing the on/off cycles of your water heater or cooler

The verbose readouts allow you to better understand how the AI will control your devices

water1 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Water Level

Water Level

This will show your current water level, its calculated using the Full and Empty values set further down in the settings

Water distance from sensor

This is a raw readout of the actual water distance from the sensor itself

water2 Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Speed Up Readings

Enabling this option changes the read speed from 5 seconds to 1 second (Approx)

This feature is handy when refilling your reservoir, as 5 second intervals may be too slow to fill accurately.

water reading Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

These buttons allow you to pulse your PH dose pumps. Enable to safety switch and press your desired pulse time

water PH Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Distance Values

The distance values enable you to set your water levels allowing the system to calculate percentage full

To be able to change anything you need to enable the safety first by turning on the Enable calibration switch

The best way to set your full and empty readings is to press the ‘Set as empty’ button when your reservoir is empty, then ‘Set as full’ when the reservoir is full. The Value Full/Empty will be auto populated that way, you can fine tune them later manually

The Warn when above and below settings are related to the heath panel and status lights. If the water meets one of these criteria, you will see a red face in the health panel and a red light on the Minder Hydro box

water value Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Moisture Level

Use these options to calibrate the moisture percentage reading

To make changes enable the safety switch first, then make your change

moist level Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

To fine tune your sensor ensure its completely dry then press the ‘Set as Dry’ button

Then put a wet sponge on the sensor or in a shallow glass of water, wait for the readings to stabilize and press the 'Set as wet' button

The moisture reading is taken less often than the other sensor so you should enable ‘Speed up readings’ to get a faster result

water read Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Timers Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Minder Hydro comes with 3 timers, a light timer, a cycle timer and a day count

Light   control monitor computer automate

Light timer

The light timer can control either a 12V light powered from the rear of the device, or a mains powered plug using the Wireless Switch, see the WiFi switch section on how to choose between the two.

timer count Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Current time
Shows current time in 24 hour time
Light Timer On/Off status
Displays if the light is on or off
Light Timer Enable/Disable
Allows the light to be controlled by the timer
Tells you how long the light will be on for
Ontime/Offline 24 hours
Allows you to set when the light will turn on and off These times can be set to run overnight allowing you to grow at night when its cooler
Light will Turn On/Off
Gives you a countdown till the light timer changes state
cycle timer control monitor computer automate

Repeat Cycle Timer

The repeat cycle timer is linked to the water pump, and can be both 12V or mains power.

The timer can be set for both a day mode and night mode, allowing you to water less at night as to not over saturate your plants roots.

timer detail Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Cycle time On/Off status
This tells you the state of your water pump, green for on red for off
Day/Night Mode
The sun icon indicates day time and the moon night time, this is linked to the light sensor
Pump will turn On/Off in
Countdowns down to pump state change
On/Off ratio in seconds
Shows you the ratio for the on/off cycle
Repeat Cycle Enable/Disable
Enables or disables the cycle timer
Day Night Mode
This is a drop down to allow you to set a trigger for the Cycle timer
Light Level Below
Choosing this option will use the option below ‘Night Mode when light below’ When the light level is below the percentage specified the system will enter night mode. The reading is taken from the light sensor
Light Timer Linked
Links to the light timer, if the light is on then the timer will be in day mode.
Day Mode
Forces the system to be in Day Mode
Night Mode
Forces the system to be in Night Mode
Night Mode when light is below
Linked to the dropdown menu above, when Day Night Mode is set to ‘Light level below’ this is used to determine the light level trigger
Day Night control monitor computer automate

Day and Night Schedule

Here you can set your pumps on and off times, both for day and night mode

In a flood and drain you can time how long it takes to flood your roots, then set the timer accordingly

This system is especially good for Aeroponics as it allows you to do short bursts to mist the roots

Note: If you pump is connected to a WiFi switch it is recommended not to have the on/off times in seconds as there can be a delay of a second or two between signals being sent

timer schedule Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
timer cycle Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Force Light On/Off
Forces the light to be either on or off
Force Cycle Timer On/Off
Forces the timer on or off
Disable Repeat Cycle timer if water level is too low
This is linked to the water level sensor and allows you to disable to pump if water is too low preventing pump burnout
Water Level Low%
Sets the low mark for the setting above
Light Timer will turn off when Growspace is too hot
This is a safety feature allowing the system to turn off the light, if you have a cooling failure it's better if the light turns off then the plants die from heat stress
Grows Space Max temp light cutout
Set the max temp that the light is allowed to run at, used for the setting above
Enable Cycle Timer Pulse and Pulse buttons
The switch is a safety so you don't accidentally press the buttons Once safety is off press your preferred pulse time
Cycle Day Count Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Day Count

The day count allows you to track what stage your grow is at, this option can also be disabled.

When enabled it appears in the heath Panel on the first page, when disabled it is hidden

Set your state to either Grow or Flower and set what day you are at, then at midnight it will tick over another day

timer day count Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
LIVE FEED control monitor computer automate
Timelapse Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Minder Hydro will work with just about any USB Webcam allowing you to view your plants real time, or in time lapse

The system will take a still image at the intervall you have defined and at the end of the grow day will convert them all to a video that you can download and view at your leisure

Just connect your Camera into one of the USB ports on the back and you are up and running

Camera Preview The Camera Preview panel will show you general information such as recording status, last still taken, when next image will be taken and how many stills in the cache You can press the ‘Update Image’ button to get a quick update on how things are going, please be aware there is a 2 second delay from when you press the update image untill the image appears as it takes time to render
Camera Preview Smart     Grow    Sensor Control


The download time lapse box will allow you to download the pre-generated videos of previous days

Time Lapse Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

Timelapse Setup Advanced

The advanced settings page allows you to adjust many aspects of the image capture and can make a huge difference to the image quality

The default settings are already fine tuned quite well, but different lighting conditions will require different settings

timelapse brightness Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
File name

The prefix for the file name when saving stills and Videos, you may want to alter this to something like ‘Grow_tent_1’


This will set the image size, and will vary depending on the quality of your Web Cam. Most HD webcams can handle at least 1280 x 720 but check the technical description for your particular webcam to see what resolutions it supports

Image Quality
Maximum setting is 95, the higher the setting the larger the filesize
How lit the image is, depends on the brightness of your grow room , darker rooms will need a higher brightness
Contrast is the difference in brightness between objects or regions. For example, a white rabbit running across a snowy field has poor contrast, while a black dog against the same white background has good contrast.
This typically shows as the brightness of objects, a higher gammer will make a picture look brighter, but can reduce the quality if too high
Saturation refers to the intensity of color in an image
Defines how sharp the image is, the lower the setting the more blurry the image looks, but making it too high can cause image artifacts
White Adjust
Sets the number of frames to skip after the camera is activated. These frames will be captured but won't be use. Use this option compensate for the time it takes your camera to power up and start taking proper images. Bad frames typically make the image appear too bright
Capture Delay
Inserts a delay after the source or device has been opened and initialised, and before the capture begins. Some devices need this delay to let the image settle after a setting has changed. The delay time is specified in seconds
Frames to catch
Set the number of frames to capture. More frames mean less noise in the final image, however moving objects may appear blurred. This is very useful for compensating interference created by High Pressure lights, typically seen as lines through the image
Frames per second
Sets the frame rate of the capture device, can make small quality improvement if adjusted but has no major effect on the final image
Auto Delete when storage reaches % full
Stills and Encoded timelapse videos will be auto deleted when percentage full trigger is reached. It will delete the oldest files first and prevents you from crashing your system due to a full storage device

Recording Conditions

The recording conditions panel allows you to set triggers for your timelapse to start recording

timelapse conditions Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Force take pictures
Forces the time lapse to start recording at all times
If light timer is on
Starts recording if the light timer is on
Light Level above
Starts recording if the light level is about the percentage defined, light level reading is taken from the light sensor


The maintenance panel allows you to set various triggers and clean up data

timelapse cache Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Auto process video when end trigger is reached
When this option is enabled the system will convert all still images into a video file when end trigger is reached
Delete Stills image cache after auto process has created timelapse
Once the end trigger is reached and the video has been created the stills cache will be cleared out ready for the next day This will ensure that your timelapse video is day to day  If this option is not enabled the cache will stay populated and each day the timelapse video will get longer
Don’t include over/under exposed images into timelapse
This is a filter to ensure that only usable images make it into the final timelapse.
Clear Photo Cache
Deletes all the still in the photo cache folder
Delete all timelapse videos
Deletes all the compiled timelapse videos in the download folder
Reset All settings to default
If you change settings and are no longer getting the results you want, try resetting to default and adjusting again

Timelapse setup

Here you can set the delay between when the stills are taken, the longer the time between shots the faster your timelapse will be.

timelapse delay Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Manual Video Create

Allows you to manually trigger a video creation of the stills

The video speed changes the frame rate of the end timelapse, this setting also applies to the auto generation of videos

Slow will show 5 still per second while Very past will show 45 frames per second

Timelapse Cache Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Info to appear on Timelapse

These switches add environmental conditions to the bottom of the timelapse video allowing you to see the conditions while reviewing the footage.

Handy to see how your plants respond to different conditions, the plants may start drooping and you can coreolete it to high heat or low moisture level for example

timelapse bar Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Timlapse Info Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Device Control
Device Control Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
device Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Device Control

The device control screen allows you to take direct control of your devices
Forcing a device on will override any AI control and turn on the device, handy for testing A forced on device will override a forced off device, the forced off option prevents the AI from turning it on
device manage Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
device manager Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Maintenance Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Maintenance Mode

The Minder Hydro comes with a Maintenance Mode that makes it easy to turn devices off, minimizing human error
If you want to do a water change enable the Maintenance Mode switch to disable the devices you have selected below You can also quickly double tap the button on the front of the Minder Hydro to enter Maintenance  mode This solves the problem of your pump running dry, or your heater trying to warm up the whole room when you unzip your grow tent. When Maintenance Mode is enabled you will see a notification appear at the top right of your screen letting you know its active, along with a click noise, and a pulse from the status lights The Minder Hydro will then keep you aware that you are in this mode by showing a display at the top right and flashing the status lights and making a tick noise every minute. You can disable to flash and tick noise in the system Dashboard Please be aware that WiFi switches might not turn off immediately, but will turn off soon
device force Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Devices are powered through the DC jacks on the rear of the Minder Hydro

Each Jack is numerically labelled and programmed for a specific device

Your device will need to have a male DC jack to be able to connect, please see more info about this in the powering page

12 volt connection size view Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

All ports are 12 Volt except for port 16 which is 24 Volt, and is intended for the humidifier

The Minder Hydro comes with red and blue LED  lights intended to be used as status lights

These are also handy for testing your DC jacks, use them in place of your devices by putting them into different ports for testing

Status Lights Led      control monitor computer automate

Each port on the rear of the minder is assigned to a device so ensure that you connect the right device to the right port

Port 8 is the water pump port and is also connected to the dial on the rear of the Minder Hydro.

You will need to turn the dial up to see your device work, and turning it all the way to one side with turn it off

12 volt connection explained Smart     Grow    Sensor Control

The power can be turned on and off in the ‘System’ dashboard.

In the ‘Power’ panel there is a 12V toggle option. When the power is off only the on board computer will continue to run, the sensor chip and all the devices will be down

The power supply has safeties built into it and will turn off if it detects a power problem

The ‘12V Power status’ indicator is independently verified from the power supply’s status signal

If power should be on but is not try disconnecting all devices and trying again

Power Down Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Wifi Switches
Wifi Switches Smart     Grow    Sensor Control
The Minder Hydro can control mains power via wireless switches that you can reprogram for different devices
You can select what devices will be powered by the Minder Hydro and what will be powered by mains using the WiFi drop down menus Once a device is changed to WiFi the Minder Hydro will start sending wireless signals
wifi set Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The ‘Force Update WiFi Switch State’ forces the system to resend the current state of all the WiFi switches, if a device should be off, but is on, you can press this to resend the state to make it change state

update wifi Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The ‘Disable WiFi Transmissions for 2 Minutes’ button will disable transmission allowing you to plug in another WiFi device without it accidentally being reprogrammed.

Disable Wifi Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Allow WiFi Transmissions will cancel the above and allow the device to start transmitting again

wifi transmissions Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

WiFi switches can be re-programmed to operate different devices as needed

mains to minder hydro Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

There is only one way communication that goes from the Minder Hydro to the wireless switch, the onboard computer does not receive any information back from the wireless switch so does not know its state

Regular status updates are sent to ensure that the WiFi switch is in the correct state

Before programming turn all devices back to 12V to prevent the system from accidentally sending out signals that might reprogram your device

When a WiFi switch is plugged in to a mains socket it enters a programming state, indicated by a flashing red light. It will do this even if is already programmed

If a transmission is sent while the device is in programming mode the device will be programmed to answer to that signal, you may end up with a switch that is both a heater and an AC

If you let the red light finish blinking it will then default back to its last programming

Flipping the switch ‘Enable Device Programming’, will allow you to start making changes, and a counter will start to when it resumes normal function.

wifi device program Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Use the drop down to choose a channel, if there are two Minder Hydro units in the room make sure they are on different channels

wifi channel Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Plug wireless switch into power plug (Switch’s light should be flashing) Press ‘Set as Humidifier’ (Switch should make a click noise and change from a flashing light to a solid light The WiFi Switch is now reprogrammed to be the Humidifier
Please note: You may need to press the buttons more then once, local interference can disrupt the wireless communication, keep pressing the button until you get a result

To reprogram a wireless device, plug it in and while the light is flashing you can press the ‘Erase Device Programming’ button to clear its programming and one of the set buttons to set it as that device

It’s important to erase a device before reprogramming it as it can be programed to be more than one thing at a time.

So if its programed to be the AC and you program it to be the heater it will respond to both signals

The ‘Erase Device Programming’ button sends a unique code that does two things It both turns off all the devices on that channel and it resets a wireless switch that is in a programming state back to blank, allowing it to be reprogrammed to another device

wifi device erase Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Once you have erased your switch, please follow the programming a wifi switch steps above

Please note: You may need to press the buttons more then once, local interference can disrupt the wireless communication, keep pressing the button until you get a result
Weather Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Weather Sensor control monitor computer automate

Weather Sensor

The Minder Hydro can track local weather in your area and can even be used in place of the Air Source Sensor

In order to be able to use this feature you are going to need to sign up to Open Weather Map

Here you can create a free account and obtain an API key

Once you create your account go to your Menu and look for API Keys.

weather services Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Locate your API key and then left click and drag your mouse over it to highlight it, then press CTRL C or right click and select copy.

Weather Key Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Now that you have your key saved to the clipboard return to the Minder Hydro control panel and paste the key into the API key field

You can now either your Suburb and Country or the more accurate way of using your GPS.

You can look up your GPS from many GPS sites, we recommend here

If unsure about using your home GPS try the GPS of the local Post Office

Is this example I am using the Melbourne GPO post office

weather map location Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
weather latitude Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Now that you have the Key and GPS locations entered press the ‘Update Weather / Test Settings’ button

weather test Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

If all the settings are correct you will see the connection status change to connected and will see some detailed information about the weather in your area.

Also the ‘Enable Weather Feed’ switch will automatically turn on if the connection is successful.

weather output Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

If you are successfully connected you can use this data as your Air Source by selecting the ‘Weather Feed is Air Source Switch’.

Enabling this option will tell the AI to ignore the Air Source/Outside sensor and use the temperature and humidity from the weather feed instead.

This is handy if your Growspace is too far away for your sensor to reach outside, if you have this option enabled you can remove the air source temperature and humidity sensor, as it is no longer used.

The weather will be checked every 5 minutes.

weather air source Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Weather Graph
Weather Graph Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

All of the weather feed data is fed to a Weather Graph, that you can reach from the Menu The day end line is created at midnight to better assist with telling the days apart

Weather Graph Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
System Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The system dashboard allows you to control various power, network and database options


Press the update button to populate the current Date and time

system date Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


Press the Update button to populate or refresh the network information

system network info Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer


Press the Populate button to populate or update the system status.

Here you can see general info about the onboard computer and case temp humid

The Case temp sensor can tell you information about the room, this is a different sensor from the Air source sensor.

Its best to not let the system get too hot or humid as it may cause a system crash or corrosion.

system up time Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
system resetting Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Enable Device Pop up Notifications
Disabling this turns off the popups that appear when a device is turned on or off
Enable Error Pop Up Notifications
With this option enabled you will see an error message at the top right of the screen if a sensor has a fault
Disable Light Flash and tick noise when in Maintenance Mode
When the Minder Hydro is in maintenance mode the lights with flash and the device will click every minute to remind you to turn it off, this disables that
Settings Reset
Enable the safety and click the Reset button to set all settings back to default The process takes about 30 Seconds and the Status will let you know what is happening Please note that this will not reset the password, if you are still logged in you can change the password now, or else use the console level password reset

Login Details

Here you can set the username and password, once the set password button is press the system will go offline for a few seconds to apply the new user/pass

Please note: You will probably stay logged in with your current Browser but new connections will need to login with the new user/pass

system login Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Graph Reset

Enable the safety and choose the graph you want to reset. Doing so will reset the graph and also delete the database for that graph. The graph will then be repopulated with new data as it flows in

system graph reset Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Sensor Ages
Sensor Ages Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

This section is intended to help you diagnose any issues you may be having by giving you direct control of the Sensor Chip

From here you can see a raw feed of the data and change the read speed to test two way communication


Read Speed detail     Smart     Grow     Sensor Control
Read Speed
Sliding the Read Speed bar along will allow you to alter the sensor read loop speed, from 1 second to 5 seconds Once a loop is complete the sensor chip looks for it's next loop speed, so adjusting the read speed is not instant, please allow a few seconds for the loop to complete
Sensor Raw feed
This shows you the raw data coming from the Sensor Feed

Sensor Age

When a sensor reading is taken and entered into the database a timestamp is associated with it. This data shows what is in the database and how old it is, this is different from the Sensor Feed. You can use this data to see how recent your readings are and diagnose a fault Press the manual update button to get a snapshot, or the Auto Update to have the data updating in real time
sensor humidity Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
sensor air source Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
sensor system Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer






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