Code Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The Minder Hydro has a test mode that you can use for testing Sensors and Devices

To enter test mode you need to log into the console of the Minder Hydro, using a Monitor, keyboard and mouse.

For assistance on this please see the 'Plug in and initial boot' guide

System Options

The Minder Hydro comes with low level system options, very useful for setting up and testing your system

These can be accessed from the console level of the system using a Monitor, keyboard and mouse connected into the rear ports

Please see the 'Plug in and initial boot' guide

System Options Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Once at the console double click the Minder Logo labeled “System Options”

To make your selection type the number of your choice and press enter

sensor options Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Option 1 - Show network information
Show network information

Displays your current IP information and a recommends an IP to assign statically, see static IP guide here

address Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
Option 2 - Reset Password
Option 2 allows you to reset your user/pass to the default, handy if you happen to forget you password

Default User/Pass

User: minder

Pass: Minder1

Option 3 - Reset Minder OS
Reset Minder OS to factory default

Option 3 will reload the default operating system from time of release.

Useful if you happen to make a change to the code or if an update goes wrong and your system goes offline

Selecting this option will not change any database options so your settings stay intact

Option 4 - Restart Minder Service

Restart Minder Service will stop the Minder Hydro Service a start it again.

If you are experiencing connection issues or are using some of the advanced options then you may need this.

Once selected the system will go offline briefly then resume normal function.

Option 5 - Enter Test Mode

Entering Test Mode allows you to test all the Sensors and Devices assisting you with fixing any issues you may be having.

Please be aware then when in test mode the AI grow system will be offline, you will be in direct control of all sensors and devices

Please note: If a Wireless Switch is on when you enter test mode it will stay on.

Please see the detailed guide on Test Mode.

Option 6 - Exit Test Mode

Exiting Test Mode will only Work if you are already in test mode.

Selecting this option should take you back into the normal AI controlled system

Option 7 - Reboot

Rebooting the device can solve some technical issues.

However the Minder Hydro will not need regular rebooting to perform as expected, only select this option if you are troubleshooting a problem or altering the code, see advanced code editing page for further details

Option 8 - Shutdown

Use this option to shutdown your Minder Hydro, once you have finished testing you may want to shutdown your device for reinstallation.

Option 9 - Exit

Exits the System Options console page and return to console page

Console Control

The Minder Hydro can operate at Console Level using the built in web browser.

Click the Chromium icon on the quick launch bar with a single click

Cromium Tool Bar  Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
dashboard Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

If you changed the password you will need to enter the new one here to gain access

You will now have access to the Minder Hydro dashboard

Pressing F11 now puts you in full screen mode, handy if you have a touch screen monitor

Press F11 again to return to windowed mode, it is recommended to not run the device in this way, it is best accessed remotely from your smart device

The Minder Hydro can run in this way but will put extra strain on the processor potentially giving you a slower experience, its best used for testing only

Entering Test Mode
System Options Smart     Grow     Sensor Control

Once at the console double click the Minder Logo labeled “System Options”

Choose the option ‘Enter Test Mode’ by typing number 5 and press enter

sensor options Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

Confirm by typing ‘y’ and press enter

testing sensors Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The system will then enter test mode

You will hear a clicking noises from the Minder Hydro as relays turn on and off.

entering test mode Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer
set up minder Hydroponic Grow           Box    Computer

The system is now in test mode

Return to the Web UI and refresh the page to see new options

Use your prefered Web Browser to open http://<your minder ip>

To learn more about test mode please visit the test mode guide






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