Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Whether you’re into music, plants or fish, every enthusiast knows you need to get every element right to achieve optimum conditions

But creating that environment is NOT easy

They don’t exist in bubbles, and there are always outside contributing factors trying to stop us for achieving our dream

Minder Hobbies control monitor computer automate

humidifier polaroid angle   control monitor computer automate

We’ve all tried ways to monitor our environment, but they cant control it 

Hydroponic Timer  
control monitor computer automate

We get things to control it, but we cant monitor it

Hydro Cables control monitor computer automate

Trying to cater for each element individually ended in spaghetti wires and headaches


AND they all ran independently of each other

There was no way for the devices to talk to each other

Which made the dream further out of reach

The Goal

Create a stand alone device to connect, monitor & control as many devices needed from a single point

Easily integrate into existing environment

Simplify the workload while keeping everything at optimum levels


Hydroponic Goals   
control monitor computer automate

After years of research & development

bringing together generations of enthusiastic technological ideas, MiLittleMinder was born

No matter your hobby Milittleminder is here to assist with DIY kits to full solutions

With complete solutions you can just plug and play and for the person who likes a challenge go with a DIY kit and build some amazing

Join us on our quest for simplicity