PCB Layout Version 1 is now compete

Pi Power Board Version 1

Hello All

Today my PCB designer and I finalized the first draft of the board layout, so I am now able to generate fantastic images of it and even have a 3D view

I have some more ideas to add but heĀ is going to spend the next 2 days running the track work with optimization in mind, then we will add a couple of new features later

With that in mind we moved the 2 x 4 ATX plug closer to the top to allow clean track work of the 12V channel

The aim in to run the thickest gauge we can fit onto the board to allow for as many amps as possible, that means that the layout needs to be important to allow for such large tracks


We also spent some time on labeling, its important to me to make it clear what the board does just by looking at it

For example , I added lines to show the path of the Power Option jumpers, so you can see the path it takes

Pi Power Board Options


So its getting exciting now for the first time I can see my board, even if its virtual, but its still pretty amazing