Computer Controlled Automated Hydroponic Grow System

Monitor your Grow, Control & Power your Devices

minder hydro silver   control monitor computer automate

The future of growing has arrived

Take your grow to the next level using the latest high tech growing techniques

The Minder Hydro is a revolutionary grow room controller that uses smart AI to control & optimise the way you grow

Utilising a suite of sensors & devices, it delivers a premium growing experience to maximise your yields

Smart AI

Makes decisions based on changing environmental factors both indoors & outdoors keeping your grow space stable
smart ai control monitor computer automate

Save time, money & resources 

Reduce unnecessary devices turning on excess water, nutrient and power use
save all control monitor computer automate

Adaptable to any environment

Full support for all growing styles including Flood & Drain, NFT, specialising in Aeroponics
The Minder Hydro can be integrated into any existing grow room or built around to achieve your ultimate grow space
adapt  control monitor computer automate

Minder Hydro can be adapted into your existing environment.

Connect up your devices either into the ports on the rear of the device or via the wireless mains switches, take control of your grow space like a pro from day 1

It will work in all different setups including NFT, Aeroponic. Hydropoinc, click on a growspace below to find out how to do it

Ebb & Flow

Flood & Drain

DWC / Bubbleponics

Deep Water Culture



Nutrient Film Technique

Soil / Perlite

Drip Irrigation

computers control monitor computer automate
WIFI control monitor computer automate

Control & Monitor your Grow space

from any Computer or Smart device

Remotely monitor a suite of sensors from any web browser

Temp & Humidity Growspace

Outside Temp & Humidity

Light Levels

Water Temperature

Water Level



Moisture Levels

Control your devices to maintain an optimal grow environment

Air Heater

Exhaust Fan

Air Conditioning


Water Heater

Water Pump

Water Cooler

 Air Pump


Circulation Fan

Status Lights

PH Dose Pumps


Repeat Cycle Timer

Day / Night Timer

Live Feed / Time Lapse


12v peripherals are coming soon!











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